Geronimo Energy continues to be an industry leading producer in naturally renewable wind energy. 

Geronimo Wind Energy was just a little more than a startup when I was retained.

Geronimo required a website that served 3 distinct goals:


  • Public education and awareness.
  • Sales tool for potential investors and developers.
  • General company information and contact.

Geronimo experienced speedy success and grew very quickly. As they expanded, so did the needs and scope of their website. They also required smaller, satellite websites representing each of their wind farms, existing and future development.

They grew across the midwest
and eventually country wide.

In 2013, while still sporting my work, the company was purchased for just over 1 billion dollars. While they have since redesigned their site and changed the company URL, many of my design influences are still evident.

Retained 2008-2012.

FDA approved eliquid and nicotine wholesale manufacturing company and supplier based in Minnesota.

Lazarus Adventures was a small eLiquid manufacturing company when I joined them in 2013. Lazarus’ needs were branding, marketing, product development and a stronger web presence.

I was instrumental in creating a cohesive brand image and the graphic design of many product lines. This included label design, marketing materials and all online content. This included maintaining an active shopping cart and social media.

Over my 6 years working with Lazarus my work lead to several new concepts in the industry and a nation wide top selling niche product in the world of vapor products. Retained 2013-2019


The concept for this product was to offer a high value at a low price. We offered a larger volume of product at a lower price and included some extras. The packaging was a first for its time in the vape world with 3D labels and marketing materials, even including a pair of 3D glasses.

The Gamers Vape was an alternative to nicotine vaping, offering caffeine and vitamin B12 instead. This product was marketed to the adult gaming community as an alternative to other less healthy options such as energy drinks. I designed an interface between streaming service “Twitch” and a product website that featured game themed packaging.

While contracting with Lazarus I was often called on for the production of 3rd party product and marketing artwork. Moose Ejuice is a vape liquid featuring mythical icons in two tier vape lines.

Eye-Link Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides technology for people who have visual impairments.

As a sitting board member for the Eye-Link Foundation with chapters currently in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin I have volunteered my creative services as Director of Web Development.

The goal of my efforts is to promote cause awareness and facilitate online applications for assistance and processing of donations. In part to my efforts we are seeing growth year over year, expanding state by state. This continues to be a truly rewarding experience.

Pro-bono Charity Client 2014-Present

Cristopher Anderson is a dynamic Coach and Wedding Celebrant/Officiant.

Offering relationship, creativity and personal growth counseling, Cris needed an online presence to showcase his offerings and talents.

I was able to create an easy to navigate informational website showcasing his past work and philosophies.

Retained  2014-2019

Creator of ethereal and dark electronica environmental music and DJ entertainment services.

Hybrid Kin creates ethereal and dark electronica environmental music and offers DJ services.

Independent musician “DJ Bones” required a website that would showcase his music and facilitate growth, leaving a VIP area for future membership. He wanted to be able to show places to purchase his music and list upcoming gigs.

I have also been retained for posters and other marketing materials.

Retained 2015-2019
Hybrid Kin

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